Operational Excellence
for Sustainable Mobility

Consultancy on quality management and customer-centric processes
for Mobility as a Service and transport providers


Minimize costs and time by reducing waste.


Let happy customers rebook your services.


Enable your business processes to grow.

Take your mobility services to the next level

Mobility changes radically. Start-ups disrupt established transport service providers and customers expect sustainable new mobility services. This is our responsibility and our chance. Let’s master it.

Operational excellence is key to success. Efficiency, quality and scalability go hand in hand. Let us improve margins, customer satisfaction and sustainability at once by reducing friction and applying customer centricity.


Create transparency on agile pilot projects and lean operations. Digitize processes and so enable them to integrate “new mobility”. Use data analytics, root cause analyses and process mining to improve operations.


Make use of open standards, data and APIs to gain speed and compatibility. Improve profitability and use digital platforms for flexible integrations and operations. Adjust to local needs while keeping the core lean and simple. 


Assure consistent quality along the entire customer journey for high customer satisfaction. Reduce friction, contacts and costs by fixing the root causes. Win and retain customers via an excellent customer experience. 


The transport sector has failed to contribute to a CO2 reduction. We need to reduce emissions while assuring mobility. Let me inspire your team with my passion for green mobility services, which will help to achieve this.


What I can do for you

Efficiency, quality, scalability and customer retention.

With a proven track record of achieving this and passion for sustainable mobility, I can enable your team to achieve it as well.

Under my responsibility for QM we achieved quality leadership with a global mobility service provider while tripling margins and scaling to >300 cities. At eBay our team could reduce critical defects by >30% and double key customer retention. My teams also won several awards for start-ups and transport efficiency.

I combine 20+ years experience in mobility and e-business at large corporations and start-ups with passion and the profound knowledge of an MBE and Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

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